TAJEMTRA Makes Jember City Unique

In Jember, East Java, Indonesia, People have a unique tradition. It is done by making a long march between Tanggul – Jember City. That is why is named “Tajem”. Because this long long march has been a tradition so that people call “Tajemtra” Stand for “Tanggul-Jember Traditional”.

When Tajemtra is done, thousands people participate in it. So don’t be shock if you come to Jember at the same when Tajemtra happen because it will be very crowded. Not only Participants took part in this Tajemtra but also the spectators are more abundant. It’s participant, especially single participant is not tied up such as have to wear a uniform, except walking about 30 km distance from Tanggul to Jember. But for group participants, they have to show their group identity. In last Tajemtra, 2008, the group participants were vary. They came from gymnast group, student of high school group, local government group and so on. All of participants are under observation of the juries. They are assessed. The best Participants both single and group would get price from the committee.

Each participant of Tajemtra will get a certificate that is signed by the Regent. He usually say thanks to anyone who take part of Tajemtra celebration both to the participants or spectators. It was as an appreciation to all People in Jember because they took part in this celebration. Jember’s Gaverment also named August as “ The Mont of Visiting Jember”.

Tajemtra is held as a celebration of Indonesian freedom, On August 17th. But Tajemtra is usually done at the end of this month. People in Jember said that the Tajemtra is the Pick of all celebrations done on August. As Additional information, August is a party month for Indonesian people. Usually there are a lot of competition during August. As the pick of the celebration, Tajemtra is held as the closing party month.

Just come to Jember City on August. You’ll find this celebration…

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